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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 2, 2020 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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trump to continue carrying out his duties without disruption, the president tweeted about this that we will get through this together, former vice president joe biden sending his well wishes to the president and the first lady, jill and i sent out thoughts to president upper first lady melania and trump for swift recovery and we will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family right joe biden, that will do it for us, have a great weekend, stay here with fox business, "varney & company" picks it up now. stu taken away. stuart: good morning maria and good morning, everyone. just after midnight last night the president and the first lady had tested positive for the virus. we will get through this together. the latest bombshell in a constant drama and repercussions are profound. the president is not in the oval office, he i is in quarantine in the white house residence. the doctor says he is doing well but it's not clear what symptoms if any the president is showing, the white house is the
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administration of government will continue uninterrupted. campaign staff are tested positive and she was on air force one and marine one with the president on wednesday. there is a long list of senior officials who came in close contact with her. the risk is some will test positive two. vice president pence and his wife karen tested negative, so to has steven mnuchin. the president will be off the campaign trail for the foreseeable future, his trip to florida has been canceled, it is possible that the next debate will be effective, it's 14 days away and the hearings for judge amy coney barrett will be affected, she's been visiting senators all week, yes there is a stock market selloff, this is what happens when you throw more uncertainty into a chaotic election, it is not panic selling, the dow was off 460
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points, that is 1.6%, that is a big drop but not a panic, the nasdaq component down three-point to percent, a very big drop but not a panic selling. a half-hour ago, 830 eastern time, we received the job report, 661,000 jobs added in september that is a disappointing number and because of it there may be or pressure to pass a new stimulus bill as for september unemployment rate it did come down to 7.9%. later in the program we hope to be joined by larry kudlow, the top economic guy in the white house, we are working on that, from all of us, best wishes to the president and first lady for a speedy and full recovery. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪. stuart: let's get right into the situation with doctor iranian jackson, the former white house
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physician for president trump. doctor, the new york times is reporting that the president does have symptoms, what do you know of this. >> i talked to somebody earlier today and i was told the president did not have symptoms he was symptom-free and that's what i'm going off of right now, i have not heard that and i recently talked to someone at the white house as morning, i don't know how accurate that is and i don't know what the symptoms would become i've not seen the article. stuart: his return to full work would be depend on the severity of his illness and how severe it takes him, i am not asking you to speculate i am asking you to suggest what might be his date of return. stuart: the way i understand it, he's asymptomatic right now, he's in a really good position being asymptomatic because the vast majority of the people in his group being 74 years old and
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not having any other comorbidity such as heart disease or diabetes or anything like that, 95.5% -- 99.5% or more in that category will go want to recover from the spontaneously, most will not have symptoms at all but the ones that do will have minor symptoms that they quickly get over. i think the presidents prognosis is really good right now and i hope that's what we see that he continues to be a symptom addict. people are talking about him being quarantine for a period of time and most people are talking about ten days or 14 days, i think that will be inaccurate as well, the quarantine. were put together for people that were exposed to somebody that tested negative and they were quarantine to see if they develop a positive test or if they got any symptoms, the president already has a positive test, he will continue to get tested aggressively every single day and when he gets to a point
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where he has to negative test that are 24 hours apart, he can go back to his normal routine and that could be less than ten days. stuart: incubation period before a positive test is set to be 5 mind, you look back over the president schedule over the past week and he has attended rallies, he had rose garden in washington, d.c. rose garden conferences, a news conference in new jersey and he's come into contact with a very large number of people including very senior officials and the government, the contact list is huge, i take it that they're going through the contact list and testing everybody who is coming anywhere near him, that will take quite a lot of time as an. >> it will take time and are going to be aggressive about that. most of those people in close contact with him even when he was at the rally site, those people were tested before they had contact with him, most of those people will know he had a negative test when they were in
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contact, they will try to reengage with all those people find that they develop symptoms after the fact and try to figure out where he was exposed, there's a good chance they will figure out when it happened and where and if it was related in the last two days or prior to that, the incubation can be anywhere from two to - 14 days conceivably and i think the average is around five days, they will do their best to figure out where the explosion took place. stuart: the president had taken hydroxychloroquine, he had taken that some months ago and another treatment which is possible is remdesivir, what treatment do you suggest would be appropriate given to the president as of now. >> seeing that he's still asymptomatic which is my understanding, i would say it's reasonable that they might give him hydroxychloroquine again because he had that previously and he was treated with that prophylactically from an exposure before we can be
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confident that he will not have any negative side effects from that, here to have that medication and they would give him a treatment of hydroxychloroquine, they could do that and also given vitamin d, zinc, those are harmless drugs that could have some benefit and they may use a z pack and they may use inhaled or nebulized steroids, those are pretty harmless but potentially beneficial drug with regards to remdesivir, i don't think the go down that path unless you develop symptoms, if he does develop symptoms they will pull the trigger, that's a medication that has the potential dumber side effects than the others and i think they will hold off until they feel like they need it and if he does have symptoms, that would be a cue to start that. stuart: doctor ronny jackson, think of her being with us. >> thank you. stuart: the other side of this is the market, futures way down again, not panic selling but the dow is looking of a loss of 500 and the nasdaq closed at 300.
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susan: last night after the diagnosis and president trump announcement that we were down 600 points for the dow and it recovered around 300 points and extending the losses because of the jobs report this morning, the fear gauge is something that we look at in judging how panicky the market is, it's only at its highest in a week and usually there is real panic you would see that shoot up and spike up more severely than a house, wall street is buying some insurance but a lot of uncertainty in wall street is trying to gauge the policies, what does this mean for the election, what are the chances for biden and what does this mean for a second wave of covid affected the u.s. economy and during the weaker dog enter jobs report, the good news is, this is a wake-up call to the senateo something about a second round of stimulus. stuart: it does throw a second round of stimulus into the mix on the market this morning. the house has voted in favor of a 2.2 trillion dollar rescue
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package. susan: which the senate and mitch mcconnell says they will not do at that level. stuart: that changes the equation, does this news, the president testing positive, does that test change the equation on what the senate will do on the assistance, we don't know at this point but we will find out pretty soon. market watcher jonathan hoenig joins us right now, you heard the news, does this change your investment outlook at all? >> it does absolutely thrown into question, it is the financial story and a human story and we are wishing them a full and immediate recovery. and it does throw a huge monkey wrench a lot of and certainty into the equation everything from the election to the debates in our instincts is to panic and sell everything for the dow futures with 50 points off the lot and the nasdaq teachers at the low but part of it what makes it difficult, even taken the election away, the president
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is very involved in the economy, everything from the discussions on tiktok, tariffs and potentially more stimulus, it does have a big effect of what goes forward in the market going forward, i'm keeping an eye on a couple of factors, tech stocks as they go so goes the market, junk-bond fault and that could be a weakness for the market. stuart: real fast would you backup susan and myself saying it's heavy selling but no panic, what do you say. >> it is not panic just yet, that's a positive sign and i encourage our investors in times like this interviewers not to panic, keep focus on your long-term goals and long-term plan. stuart: thank you for being here, we appreciate it. britain's prime minister boris johnson contracted the virus and for a while he was in the i see unit out there, he is speaking out this morning, what is he
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saying. lauren: he treated his best wishes to president trump and first lady melania a saying he hopes they both have a speedy recovery from coronavirus, why is is parallel so key, boris johnson in march was diagnosed and spent time in icu and handed power over to his deputy dominic rob at one point, that is the parallels that people are making this morning as president trump has coronavirus, how bad do the symptoms get, what could the next course of action be. boris johnson is 56 years old, president trump is 74 and in covid terms, that is a very big difference, boris johnson is one of nine world leaders who has been diagnosed with covid-19 and including the president of guatemala, honduras, belarus, the dominican republic and brazil, many leaders added to this list, they are treated differently because they are world leaders and i say that
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with the sense, just because you hear someone who is rushed to the hospital, it means to take an extra precaution, it does not always mean panic. we are hearing from vice president biden, the hill is reporting that he will be tested later this morning and this is his tweets, jill and i send our thoughts to president trump and first lady melania for a swift recovery, we will continue to pray for the health and safety of the president and his family. stuart: thank you very much indeed, back to the market we are looking at down 480 on the dow, 1.7%, look at the nasdaq, tech is taking a badly so to speak, down 285 points, that is about 2.5%, let's reiterate that, that is not panic selling, that is heavy selling. we are 32 days from the electi election, there may be no more rallies, certainly the next one is being canceled and possibly
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stuart: we will keep you up to speed with the market, we are looking at a loss to 4 - 500 points on the dow into 70 - 280 on the nasdaq, a lot of selling today, susan li back with us as morning, this is the latest news on the virus, very bad news for the groups of stocks. susan: economically sensitive, the big travel, hospitality, oil stocks, those are pegged to a recovery in the u.s. economy and
9:18 am
that's like the job gains that we saw in september, most of those were leisure and hospitality, that was a positive take away president trump's covid result may be a possible second wave of covid as well and without any stimulus, less jobs growth, weaker outlook on the u.s. recovery and that's which dragon these today, if you look at the nasdaq down 2.5%, i think that extended the losses to the job report, they get those that have been overbought in the last few months, apple, amazon, those will be leading the decline with profit taking. stuart: we put a list of the big tech, they are down 2%, not exactly across-the-board but down sharply this morning, that is why the nasdaq is up to 73, the rally is on hold, one has been canceled and the rest are pretty much on hold, the debate is in jeopardy too, that is the situation, before we get to our guest, i want to add this, the judiciary committee says that
9:19 am
the barrett hearings for the next supreme court justice will go ahead as planned, october the 12th it's supposed to start and the committee says she will be out of committee by october 22, we were speculating that maybe this news would influence the barrett hearings, the judicial committee says not so, james freeman with us now with the washington editorial board, here's my opinion, the impact on the market in the election depends a lot on the severity of the presidents illness, what say you. >> i think you are 100% right, it is obviously perhaps a more difficult challenge for the president then it would be for joe biden because mr. biden relying on campaigning from his house, largely the president, his campaign tends to be the rallies of big enthusiastic crowds, i think you are right, this is an issue where we saw the other night all the shouting
9:20 am
and hard to tell what was going on what was being said in the debate but one clear message was a president was saying i am the reopening candidate and biden is open to more lockdowns, which he is. i think how this goes will largely be determined by the course of the virus. i think it'll be a quick recovery, may help him. stuart: i'm inclined to say we are all going to become a bit more cautious, after all the president of the united states and the first lady both come down and test positive with the virus, then anybody can test positive, i think that might make it a bit more cautious about reopening the economy, where do you stand on that? >> it is possible it goes that way but i think it's also possible that if the president as you suggest and we hope a speedy recovery, it does underline the fact which is not
9:21 am
often noted so much of media that most people come through this largely, is largely uneventful for most people, we talked about how we present almost 0 risk to children even at age 74, the president, his odds are very good, i think while there has been a great deal of fear when what we hope is a speedy recovery might underline his general point which is that you cannot have a cure that is worse than the disease in life has its challenges but we need to go on and of course we can get into the debate how the lockdown seems to improve public health anyway but this was set up all along as a hope versus fear election with mr. biden leaning
9:22 am
toward lockdowns and president trump saying we gotta reopen, it might possibly underline the trump case. stuart: may be so, i'm not going to say only time will tell a thank you for joining us as morning, it is an open question in the developing story, we have this coming out of this, hillary bonnie d.c., we just learned that treasury secretary steven mnuchin is tested negative and he is not quarantined, we just found that out. >> we are learning the last contact he had with the president was on wednesday and on top of that he tested negative, he's been advised that he does not need to quarantines and he can go about his business and continue contact with other people essentially he is in the clear but we are also closely following what this means for the biden campaign and their travel today, we do know that the vp nominee kamala harris is going to continue with her scheduled travel to las vegas, she should be on her way.
9:23 am
i believe at this moment to the airport to fly to las vegas and she will overnight in salt lake city utah and that is relevant because that's an indication that at least as of now, there is an understanding that the vp debate scheduled on wednesday in utah is going to go on as planned. but there are concerns what it means for the next presidential debate, the president were to quarantine for a full 14 days and his medical team has indicated that he is not expected to quarantines for the full 14 days but instead 7 - 10 days if he can get multiple negative test, if he did the 14 day quarantine that would put him one day past when the presidential debate is supposed to happen in miami, a full 14 day quarantine would be october 16 and then clear, the debate is supposed to happen on october 15 in miami so were waiting for more information on what that might mean.
9:24 am
stuart: thank you very much indeed, to repeat, the presidents doctor said he's doing well, however, the new york times says the president is suffering minor symptoms, that is a state of play with the severity or otherwise of the presidents illness. on wall street is significant loss but no selling, down 450 on the dow, 260 on the nasdaq and we will be back. so you're a small business,
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stuart: we are just receiving, alive news action day, we just got this and from lindsey graham's aid, he says the senator, lindsey graham spoke to mr. trump this morning and the president sounded good, sounded upbeat, that is just coming out as, we have a downside move across the board on wall street, down 400 for the dow and down to 70 for the nasdaq, we also have kamala harris just reaction, what is she saying. >> she said doug and i join joe biden and doctor biden wishing president trump and the first lady of speedy recovery and were keeping them in the entire trump family in our thoughts and as of now, she is scheduled to debate the only vice presidential
9:29 am
debate, mike pence on wednesday on salt lake city, that is a big? at this point. stuart: we simply don't know the status but we do have global reaction coming out us and susan is coming out us with that. susan: let's start with vladimir putin sending us his regards and the telegram to the first lady and president trump wishing for their speedy recovery, let's throw in the prime minister from england sending his regards as well and the w.h.o. tweeting the regards and that the president has cut funding to the world health group and their wishing president trump a speedy recovery and from canada and his wife, notable silence from presidentchina's president xi jd we can bring it up president trump of the first lady have paid the price for a gamble to play down the covid-19, the new shows this severity u.s.
9:30 am
pandemic situation impose a negative impact on the image of trump in the u.s. and they will affect his reelection. stuart: play down you will pay the price of playing down. susan: not condolences, reaction. stuart: is all most like surgery right. susan: is not the official line. stuart: i heard something similar from other media pundits on the ad and in. two. we are off and running it is a selloff, that is a sea of red all across the board, everything a one of the dow industrials on the downside and right from the start were down 400 points. that is 1.5%, were gonna show you various stock groups as we move to the morning and now i'm being joined by fox news channel. >> we will also learn the u.s. economy is 661,000 jobs last month i believe stuart varney is joining the stuff from the fox business network.
9:31 am
thank you for being here this morning, tell us about the jobs report and reaction in the market to the president testing positive. stuart: is a case of the jobs report, while it's important for the economy it is not terribly important for the stock market performance today. yes we created 661,000 new jobs, that's a bit of a disappointme disappointment, that may put pressure on congress to pass some kind or more stimulus bill, if you got this problem with the president maybe we need to spend more money to get us out of the mess, that could be seen as something of a positive for the market but the real story here is the president has tested positive and we want to know how severe and how badly is it hitting him. then we will know how long the quarantine. is and what his recovery will look like, right now the government continues unbroken, uninterrupted of the white house is saying but the president is in the residence, he is not in
9:32 am
the oval office. he can take care of business but that depends on how severe is his condition, the new york times is saying that the president has minor symptoms, his doctor says he is doing very well, it sounds like so far things are mild, that's the overriding factor on the market this morning, the president tested positive. >> perhaps you can give us a better idea on where markets have been as far as pricing in an improved environment for coronavirus or not as far as anticipation for a vaccine, drop the number of cases in some areas and spikes and others, this has been an incredible time of uncertainty for the u.s. market to try to anticipate and price and the risk involved with this horrible virus, now you have the president testing positive overnight we look at the u.s. market, the future does they give us an indication is
9:33 am
where things will open and there was a significant selloff but it seems even though were down 300 or so points that the market is digesting this and going to at least try to look forward. stuart: that's a very important point as we've been making so far on this program today. this is not panic selling, the dow industrials are down 300 points, 320 as we speak, that is not panic selling, and the fear gauge does not show a spectacular rise, in other words, the market is indeed digesting this, i return to this point, we need to know how severe is the illness affecting our president, we need to know what kind of treatment he will receive and how effective it will be in the back drop is, does this throw the election into more chaos and confusion, that is a problem for the market, more so than the presidents condition, we have a chaotic election process already going on, this throws a wrench into the middle because we don't
9:34 am
know how this affects voters, which we will voters turn on this, will they go to more towards joe biden who has been stressing the necessity of taking care of the virus or will they swing in sympathy to president trump. i want to bring up the case of boris johnson, british prime minister, a couple of months ago he contracted the virus, taken to the hospital and ended up in icu and so badly off he had to transfer power to his subordinates. that transfer of power if it happened here would be a real market crisis. so far we are nowhere near that and i will not speculate how close we will get to it but there in the back of your mind. >> you made a good point of the timing of all of this and the ability of the president to get back out campaigning and
9:35 am
governing obviously, a lot of that you are saying he could do from inside the white house. but the cdc guidelines, we have a lot of doctors talking about the changes that have been made if you suffer from illness you test positive and recover it look like a ten day after symptom. that you have to quarantines or self isolate as it is called by the cdc guidelines. those days are going to be crucial obviously for the president to get back out and campaign in a perfect scenario if he fully recovers and can get out according tina get back out there. stuart: sure, what is the treatment, how fast does he recover, how severe is illness, how long will he be out of action on the campaign trail. i will add this, the incubation period for the virus before the test positive is 5 - 7 days, now the administration has to go back over the president schedule over the past week and look for where he's been exposed and people exposed to him, he's had
9:36 am
rallies, a couple of news conferences, on the road every day for the past week, i think is been on the campaign trail for the past week, that means there are thousands of people who have to be tested, many of those people are senior officials in the government, their test results will have a big impact on how this government keeps on going. we already know vice president pence and the second lady are negative, steven mnuchin are negative and what the doctors are telling them, he does not need to sting quarantine, that we know so far, but the rest of the test i don't know at this point, i don't know the results. >> this was the final jobs report before the november election. isn't it something, obviously recovering the biggest news of the warning that the president and first lady testing positive. you look at the jobs report that the market is taking in the headline unemployment rate fell
9:37 am
to 7.9%, it was better than the expectation for eight-point to percent although i believe the number of payroll jobs added in september was lower than estimates but still the headline rate keeps coming down. stuart: yes it does, it implies that the economic recovery is doing pretty well, certainly in terms of the unemployment rate, now back in the summer were at 15%, we cut that more than in half and were down to 7.9%, that is a significant degree of success on the issue of jobs in the economic recovery, maybe that is partly why the dow is down only 277 points. when the news of the presidents positive test first hit the market, we were down 600, now we are down to 71. >> finally coving in your talking struggling american businesses everyday, i'm wondering what all this does as far as the presidents diagnosis and having a hunting inside the white house, what this does
9:38 am
ultimately to the dynamic over the covid stimulus negotiation. stuart: i think as to pressure to get something done, it is supposed to go to the senate, i'm sure it will go to the senate and before the diagnosis from the president, we are assuming the senate would say no and we would get no relief program, bearing in mind the positive test, that might put pressure and do something, another thing, people are now going to be more cautious, the president could get anybody to get it. i think people will be a bit more cautious with going out and about in the via negative for the economy, were trying to open it up if people get more cautious, that might not be exactly stalled but slow down. >> while we were talking the dow came well off of the lows of the session, at least for it was out of the gate, now up less than 200 points, i know you will keep watching on the fox business
9:39 am
network. thank you. stuart: breaking news of our own, test results on those close to mr. trump. susan: tracking exposure as you mentioned, a lot of headlines according to fox news sources, jared and avon could trump have tested negative for coronavirus and cnn reported that baron is okay he has tested negative but reports from the new york times rnc chairwoman ronell mcdaniel it was on the show has tested positive for covid-19 and one white house official confirmed new york times reporting that president trump is extremely mild symptoms of coving whether that is a fever, feeling tired, those are the mild symptoms that president trump might be looking at. stuart: that is important to clarify, he is suffering minor symptoms, that the case as we speak, and how quickly he can recover from coving. stuart: the dow is down, we are
9:40 am
down 172. susan: that's a big recovery. stuart: it goes to your point, you're adamant this morning, that is not panic selling, it is not panic selling, you come back to minus 140, no panic selling. we will be back.
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stuart: the presidents positive covid test has affected the odds as to who will win the election if you're looking at the betting markets and the bookies. susan: biden's chances of winning the election with notably higher, we are looking at close to above 20 points, 25 points at the peak during, after the diagnosis, vice president mike pence has also spiked because he might have to take over the 20 for the amendment if president trump is incapacitated, betting odds are giving biden a 20 plus lead,
9:45 am
much higher than the 7 - 10. lead that biden has across national polls. stuart: that is where people are putting their money on the line. susan: there betting their money on the line. stuart: that is important. 661,000 new jobs created in september, then brian, i think that is disappointing, and may suggest a little slowing in the economic recovery, what say you. >> i am sorry but i'm going to have to disagree, we had a v shape bounce off the bottom, of course we did because we shut the economy down and we begin to open things up but when she recovered most of that, now you hit a ceiling based on opening up plus she gained all the easy ones back and so things will slow down a little bit, it's not a shock that were little bit weaker than previous months but the unemployment rate is still
9:46 am
coming down, the economy is still growing and so a little bit slower, this is nothing, nothing is normal about this recession or this recovery, but we should not expect the same kinds of numbers and we saw in may, june, july, and august to continue forever. stuart: let me ask you to address this briefly, the president can get the virus, we can all get the virus, i think this might make people cautious, they become more cautious, that might slow down the reopening of the economy, when he stated th that. >> i suppose that you can look at it like that, here's the way i look at it, one of the most protected people in the world, i get everybody's jumping on him about masks and everybody that goes near him mostly is tested almost every day and is something i have been saying from the very beginning you
9:47 am
can't stop a virus, every country that is shut down maybe they were able to slow it, the many they opened up and starts coming back. i have felt from the very beginning that we need to learn to live with this and i know full well that people are dying but the bottom line is it is shutting down the economy and it's actually in my opinion going to kill more people in the long run than the virus does in the short run, i get the everybody is scared, this is about fear, it is not about a virus, virus got a virus as alex says, you cannot stop it. stuart: brian, we hear you and thank you for your input. let me backtrack a little, developing story, if you're just joining us i want you to know how all of this started, i'm going to give you a timeline, i want to take you back to wednesday of this week, picks on
9:48 am
your screen, campaign aide felt ill, she was on board air force one and she felt ill, on air force one they sidelined her they put her into admitting enter many quarantine and one quarter, the next day, thursday, she tested positive, think about this, she was in very close contact, that's from sometime way back, the shot with the president, she was in close contact with the president and many other senior officials in our government, so, from here on out, the administration has to go back and find out who she was in contact with, where was she and if you look at it closely, you will find that the president has been all over the place over the past week, a rally in jacksonville last thursday, newport news on friday, saturday the rose garden would judge. selection, a news conference in new jersey, monday back to the rose garden for another news
9:49 am
conference, tuesday the debate, wednesday minnesota, the president came in contact with all of those people and they've all got to be tested. that is a big deal, it would take some time, the severity of the presidents condition is key to this whole thing, by the way we just learned that amy coney barrett has tested negative for the virus. and her hearings were told by lindsey graham's aid will go ahead. in a moment we will take you life to all the latest news. we'll be right back. staying on top of your game
9:50 am
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stuart: the news is breaking thick and fast, edward lawrence is at the white house with the latest, we are told the government will continued uninterrupted. >> exactly, the white house position says the president is doing well and carrying on his duties uninterrupted in the white house and behind me the new york times is reporting the president is showing minor symptoms and what set all this off was a tweet by the president confirming that he and the first lady were positive for the coronavirus, i tell you within the last few minutes we learned that barron trump has tested negative in his statement says this, barron has tested negative and all precaution are being
9:54 am
taken to ensure he is kept safe and healthy, people in the president circle are being tested and we have secretary of state mike pompeo testing negative and chief of staff mark meadows and the vice president testing negative, treasury secretary steven mnuchin has tested negative and he has been in contact with the white house position office and a source familiar with the treasury secretary tells me he does not have to quarantine because these have limited contact with the president which is good news on the stimulus front because it can continue the negotiations with the house speaker who also says she has been tested but does not have the answer she has a coronavirus or not. the president will remain here for the next 14 days or so and it's the usual quarantine. in a canceling of events as well as no traveling to the president to rally to schedule coming up beyond that, we will have to wait and see exactly what happens, there still try to figure out what's going to go
9:55 am
forward but he is carrying on the business of the day. stuart: thank you very much indeed, susan, edward brought up the new stimulus, is that when the market turned around. susan: this is a situation where bad news is good, bad news we got up weaker jobs report and bad news is so much uncertainty over the cobra diagnosis by the president. but the senate might be pushed to do something in pick up the house stimulus bill. stuart: i'm looking at the losers on the dow apple and microsoft, i find that intriguing, big tech is ticketed on. susan: both of 50% average profit taking. stuart: after a nice big run up, we are down to 23, we are talking about not a complete reversal but we were down 600 when the news of the president's positive test broke, now we are down to 41, that is a comeback of sorts. we will tell you more about it after this.
9:56 am
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stuart: 30 minutes do the trading session and this market has an awful lot to digest, the president and the first lady have tested positive for the virus. the president's campaign scheduled is canceled. hope hicks tested positive
10:00 am
thursday morning. she came in contact with other senior officials who are now being tested. there is risk of more contamination within the president's circle, but i will tell you, that secretary -- treasury secretary mnuchin, negative, secretary pompeo, negative. vice president pence and second lady, negative. now what happens to your money in the future depends a lot on the severity of the president's illness, the impact of this illness on voters and whether people turn more cautious. that could affect the pace of the economic recovery. okay, let's break away for a second back to pure economic numbers. the latest read on consumer sentiments. susan: you see the dow now. americans are more confident, 6-month high of 80.4 in the
10:01 am
month of september. much higher than economists forecast and much higher than the previous month. this is what we call sequential improvement. stuart: however, this was tested way before the president tested positive for the virus. it did coincide with a bit of a comeback. lauren, you have factory order numbers for us. lauren: a bit of a disappointment, unfortunately, rise of .7%, anticipating bigger of 1%. this is manufacturing activity in the month of august, but july's number was revised higher, so there you have it for factory orders. stuart: no impact on the market. still down 150, thank you, lauren. straight to first guest paul conway, paul, deal with this quickly, please. 660,000 jobs returned. i don't think that's a very good number. what say you? >> i don't think it's a good
10:02 am
number but i think it's understandable in light of what we are going through, stuart. i think two things very quickly, i think that the numbers have come back faster than expected and i think that's good. i think being below 8% is good but you want to see more sustained in larger numbers of people coming back into the workforce. this does raise the question obviously on what's going on in capitol hill of next stage of stimulus if there's a second one. stuart: that's my question,, do you think this puts added pressure on congress and come out with another aid package? >> i think it does and people will look at this as an american issue as opposed to partisan issue. they involves every election official. i do think it's going to be a driver, absolutely. stuart: how about the idea that if the president can get it, we all turn more cautious, therefore slow down the recovery, what do you say to that? >> well, i think it's a very important reminder of the fact that from the first days this
10:03 am
was both on economic crisis and a public health crisis. the two have never been separated, the nature of the disease has not changed. i do think it would be a moment for folks to pause and say, look, what is the science on this, what do i need to do because it's not simply about me, it's about other people that i can impact and i think that's where some of the breakdown is. i'm not certain it would create a negative economic impact but i do think there's going to be a more inveigh rated discussion about what is the nature of the disease and what are we doing to protect not just families but the workforce so we can work intelligently and still manage the virus and get the vaccine allocateed. stuart: paul conway, appreciate it. we are down 130 points now for the dow industrials, down 115 for the nasdaq. i'm going to tell you, the stock market selloff has clearly moderated. we were never really in panic mode, but we were certainly in a heavy selloff mode. now we are down just 140, that's
10:04 am
half percentage point which is really extraordinary bearing in mind the gravity of the news we are hearing. do we have larry -- we do. okay. larry kudlow joins us. larry, thank you very much for joining in there. we do appreciate it, sir. >> thank, stu. stuart: my first question is this, people are going to become more cautious, aren't they, if the president can get it, maybe we could all get it, therefore we are going wear masks, we are not going to be so intent on going out to eat in restaurants or drink in bars and getting together in big groups, i put it to you, larry, this could slow down the economic recovery, what say you? >> stu, i don't want to make any general rations -- generallations and the president is on the phone and the business of government is continuing and i do want to talk about today's job's numbers because they are
10:05 am
better than what some people think and the overall economy is looking pretty good and i myself tested negatively and tested every day. i think my count is about 85 or 86 and, you know, it's a blessing and i'm glad and we are all praying for the first family and -- and -- i don't want to draw any conclusions, stu. stuart: before we get to the job's report and your analysis of it, have you been on phone this morning to senior members of congress urging or otherwise to get on with a stimulus plan? >> i personally have not. secretary mnuchin has been handling that freight along with chief meadows. let me step back, two things i want to clarify. we have from day one argued protocols in order to mitigate the virus. let's not mistake that.
10:06 am
masking and distancing and testing where applicable and, of course, constant daily hygiene, we are continuing the message, maybe this underscores that message, i will acknowledge the point. the president himself has been masking and distancing with some care, so let me just make that point. yes, everybody in this country should be doing that. on the other hand, we see no need to start shutting down again, we can target certain hot spot areas. there are things, by the way in early and mid-september that probably caused a pause or rolled back in some job openings. i think that's in the numbers, but those very areas now are showing a downward slope particularly hospitalizations and fatalities, so i just wanted to make that point. the second point is this going to affect -- i think you're asking -- look, mnuchin and -- and meadows are working on the
10:07 am
negotiations. we are at something of a logger head right now. the house, speaker pelosi's bill passed the house, 2.2 trillion but i think it scores it at 2.6 trillion. we are in the neighborhood, the administration is in the neighborhood of 1.5 trillion. so this sets up if we could have some good-faith talks and they are probably going to continue today, would you rather have zero or would you rather have everything you want? there has to be compromise in life. politics is the art of the possible. we are getting reports and i'm sure you're hearing and reporting on the reports a bunch of small business could use some extensions. the ppp program. most of the furlough temporary layoffs have come back to work. there's still a chunk left. let's get that done. it seems to me it's very
10:08 am
reasonable. stuart: forgive me for interrupting, but it does sound like you're a bit more optimistic that we will get some kind of deal here and you think we need a deal with certain things in it, that's the way it sounds to me follow -- from what you're saying. >> to rebuke, i've said all along this is a strong-v shape recovery and it's self-sustaining and does not depend on gigantic package. point number 2, targeted areas, stu, one of them is small business payroll protection plan, another one right now is the airlines. i am told both sides want to help the airlines but no one is helping the airlines and we've been talk to the ceo's of the airlines and they need help. number 3, unemployment assistance, we should ensure the country that if they're in a hot spot area and they can't get to
10:09 am
work or temporarily layed off, we need a bill to do that, we need a bill to extend ppp even though we have 100 million of unused money and we need a build to for school openings for features they really need. you either want 0 or 2.2 or 2.6. we are right in in the middle of that and we are negotiating in good faith. there are certain things that would help this country, let's get them done. i don't want to be optimism, i don't want to be pessimism -- >> stuart: when you talk about let's get it done, the markets come back, that's what just happened. another premise that we've been reporting on this morning is this, the impact on the market and the impact on the election depends heavily upon the
10:10 am
severity of the president's condition, the severity of the illness and the president does, indeed, have very light covid symptoms. will you comment on the severity of the president's illness and its impact on the market and -- and the recovery and the election? >> well, i can't say much, i will agree with secretary mnuchin, that's what we've heard. i have not spoken to the president this morning. i spoke to him last night. he didn't sound bad at all after a long day, but whatever, we are all praying for him, we are all praying for the first lady and we are all praying for our dear friend hope hicks and so forth and ronna mcdaniel, we are playing they will get through. i have been told that the situation is light on the virus. i can't confirm that up front. i'm not a doctor and i'm not a healthcare scientists. ithink and hope he will be okay.
10:11 am
he's a strong man and senior staff like myself are fine, so far as i know, as i said i just tested negative again. i've had about 85 tests in the last couple of months. the chief is fine. other policy people are fine, the general counsel is fine as far as i know as we speak. so the government will continue its operations and we will be on the phone with the president while he quarantines himself and you've got dr. sean connolly who is a tremendous doctor and the white house health operation is the best in the business. stuart: okay. larry, i'm sorry, we are coming up against a hard break so i have to leave you there but at some point i'd like to get your views on the job's report but i have to leave it for you. >> better than you think and car sales were booming this morning. it's better than you think. stuart: you've got it in, larry,
10:12 am
well done, sir. thanks for being with us and we too shall pray for the president. thank you. all right, we date -- did come back a bit, off 150 on the dow, 96 of nasdaq, you're watching varney & companyoe on an extraordinary friday morning. "" she helps everyone. she helps them feel less worried. wow! mommy, so what is it that you do? i'm a financial advisor. she is! aig proudly supports all the professionals taking care of our financial futures.
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stuart: look, we have come off lows to have day. 180 on the dow. at one point we were down 600, that was premarket but we were down 600, the nasdaq is way back, now down 88. you know the story, the president has tested positive and he's quarantined in the white house, now, the media have been quick to react and some of
10:17 am
that reaction has been harsh. on cnn anderson cooper said the president, quote, clearly knew about hope hicks infection when he attended an event with her. she was feeling ill wednesday night, tested positive thursday morning. cnn is implying that the president acted irresponsibly. a lot of reporting about mask wearing and the president downplaying the virus. the government control global times in china comes right out with it and says the president is, quote, paying the price for playing down the virus. straight to our next guest tammy bruce fox news contributor. all right, tammy, which way will this go with voters? sympathy for president trump or more support for joe biden? which way do you think it goes? tammy: the american people have never abandoned their president because of a physical illness or because of being shot or because of being under attacked, the american people don't judge people that way.
10:18 am
what you are seeing and you've mentioned it, on the left, you see it on social media, on legacy media the glee that the president has gotten ill outright wishing that he die, it is a remarkable display that should educate the american people about the other side of politics, that if these individuals are happy someone is sick with a virus that is beyond our control, you -- you really want them in charge of our lives, so this becomes -- regardless of what the left was doing, the american people understand that if there's one person who is focused on the virus and seriousness, it was donald trump. in january and february congress was impeaching him and he was taking action for which he was called xenophobic and when their message on the left matches the chinese communist party's message of all entities to claim that somebody was downplaying
10:19 am
the virus, talk about projection. a nation that allowed people to swarm into the world when they cut internally because they knew what was happening. what i see as the president as mr. kudlow referred to as well a very strong man, millions of americans have experienced this, more will get it because it is a virus. we have all remained serious about measures based on our lifestyles about what we need to do in this regard, but even when a woman sent rice into a white house just a couple of weeks ago and was apprehended with a gun crossing the gourder from -- border from canada to hatred to president trump, the media barely covered that. being in media is a dangerous job. you can't do it from the basement. the president will be fine and will emerge from this and the american people will support him. stuart: but we have to address the other side of the coin and that is joe biden.
10:20 am
he's come out this morning and says he hopes the president has a speedy recovery. the former vice president and his wife are praying for our president, but he's also in a position to say, told you so. look, i've been warning -- i've been saying, this is what biden has been saying, you to fix the virus first before you fix the economy. a lot of people will say, you know, joe biden was right and joe biden always wore a mask and the president did not always wear a mask. there will be some voters who go towards biden saying, you were right, joe, i'm voting for you, there will be those people. tammy: well, let me tell you, for those who then move to politicize the nature of the choices and the work that those two men have to do, biden has the luxury of being able to stay in his basement, but remember, we are now being told by the cdc and we've experienced that it's people who have stayed at home who have become infected that we still don't have a point of view
10:21 am
that is consistent amongst the science and scientists and researchers about the transfer of the science. there's still questions about masks, but the fact is that the virus was most strong and moving through the population here in new york and the united states when we were pretty much quarantined, when everyone was at home and that's when they've realized that people at home were getting it who were not moving through society. these are the questions that still have to be answered, but our issue here is, watching those who had politicized the dynamic and suggesting that anybody who gets sick, that it's their fault and joe biden is not running the free world, that the president is and there is more risk, but in the among run with people who have to go to the office, i'm lucky, i'm here at home, right, stu, some of us do things where you can live in isolated framework to some degree. the president is not in that situation nor is he safe from any other threat that lunatics
10:22 am
might present and the world presents. we understand this and this is what the american people rally around and shame on anybody who tries to make this something where you blame the president or you wish him ill because you don't like him or you disagree with his policies. shame on them. stuart: tammy bruce, thank you very much for joining us, we are glad you're here. tammy: thank you, sir. stuart: i want to bring in mick mulvaney, former white house chief of staff, a man who knows his way around the white house. you do, indeed, know your way around the white house. i want you to tell our viewers, how does the administration function when the president is in quarantine in the white house residence and not in the oval office? >> yeah, pretty well. keep in mind the residents and the physical occasion, the west- location, the west wing is 30-40-yard walk and we do it every single day. the president as far as i know will stay in the residence. he will have limited contact,
10:23 am
probably his doctor is over there but in constant communication with the rest of the team in the west wing and i think it was important to listen to what larry just said. by the way you see why we put larry on tv and good job, larry. [laughter] >> the rest of the team is healthy including by the way the vice president. this is already a fairly sheltered place in the first place, but it's also very technological connected so it's entirely possible to do this. i think it's important, stuart, that the president be visible, however, that he be on the phone, that he be on television, that he gets out on balcony, if he can, because it's important that people see him and know that he's there. stuart: address the nation in some way? make an address, here i am and here is how i feel? >> yeah, i think people will know. if he's on the phone on a radio program and tv program, people will know and certainly the media will report it.
10:24 am
the questions are going to be, you know, what kind of symptoms does he have? is he still healthy and is he getting sick and the president needs to be transparent. here i am. by the way, he's 74 year's old but he's an extraordinarily healthy guy. i couldn't keep up with him when we were traveling together all around the world so i'm not too concerned about the health. i'm concerned about the perception and i think it's important that he be out front and people know that he's still there, he's still president. things can run well like this. stuart: now, you're joining us from london and i want to know what the reaction over there is to the situation over here and i ask because prime minister boris johnson, he had the virus, he had to go to the hospital and when he was in the icu he had to transfer power to the deputy, what's the reaction in london? >> a lot of the questions you might anticipate from their experience. boris as he gets in mid-50's, was in intensive care and had to
10:25 am
transfer power for a few days and they keep asking questions about the process. yes, there's process, it's boring, check lists and people have to sign off of things but there's contingencies for this. in fact, we practice this. this does not come as a surprise. we handled contingencies from everything from nuclear war to pandemic. we practiced these things so there are procedures in place to make sure the government functions properly. stuart: got it. mick mulvaney, thank you very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate your expertise in this area, mick, thank you very much, sir. >> thanks. stuart: check the market again, we have come back down a little. this is susan's point, this is not panic selling at all. in fact, we haven't seen panic selling throughout this day since the news broke. i think it was at 12:40 -- susan: 1:00 a.m. stuart: 1:00 o'clock this morning eastern time we found out about this. the dow dropped 600 at that
10:26 am
point in the futures and now come back. susan: this isn't a selloff anymore. you're way below that point. i think you've sliced your losses in half this morning. stuart: okay and we will take that. more varney after this. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:27 am
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10:30 am
stuart: the judiciary committee will begin amy coney barrett's hearings as planned october the 12th. now that is according to senator lindsey graham's aide who says full steam ahead. gregg jarrett can with us, fox news legal analyst, all right, gregg, can they pull this off, they are supposed to be realtime, all in the same place, it's not virtual? can they pull it off? it presupposes there's not going to be any spread of the virus within senators? >> absolutely. you have supreme court justice who confirmed in a matter of two or three weeks, 19 days i remember one. and so, yeah, as long as you have the votes you can move this along rapidly. now, of course, senator dianne feinstein made a formal request to delay it. that would be ignored by the majority leader mitch mcconnell and so this is moving ahead, and
10:31 am
the fact that the president has been diagnosed with covid-19 is of no consequence even though some will try to say this this e reason why we should delay it. the president has an excellent chance of recovering from this. the infection fatality rate is roughly 1%. the case fatality is 2 to 3% which means even if you take the top number, the president has a 97% chance of recovering from this. it's an inconvenience in quarantine, of course, but the command structure continues and it should have no effect on the confirmation of judge barrett. stuart: we are getting several reports from different sources that the president is, indeed, suffering from minor symptoms of the virus. it occurs to me that the severity of the president's situation, the severity of his illness will have a lot to do with the proper functioning of these hearings into judge barrett and into the proper functioning of the government.
10:32 am
now there's always the chance. i don't want to speculate about this, but this could turn serious for the president. greg: absolutely, if you take the top number of 2 to 3% of fatality, that should happen. article 2 of the constitution defines succession. the president if he takes a turn for the worse and simply sign a declaration, it's delivered to the house speaker and the president of the senate pro tem and then pence would be acting president until the president recovers. stuart: it's in place, i understand that, the constitution makes provision for this kind of thing. can you imagine the bombshell that that would lay up on the election if the president were, indeed, incapacitated and have to shift authority to vice president pence. that wouldn't go down well with
10:33 am
voters, would it? >> of course, it wouldn't. that strikes me statistically as a very remote possibility. stuart: well, depends -- what's the expression, it depends how you define incapacitated. greg: well, look, i've read the legislative history into the 25th amendment, incapacity, envisioned by the authors and architects of it, something akin to a debilitating stroke or a heart attack or a physical ailment that renders the president unconscious. sure, covid-19 can do that, again, he has a 97% chance of recovery here and so, you know, i wouldn't devolve into fear and hysteria at this stage and, yeah, you are getting report that is he has minor symptoms, the last word we got from his physician was that he's
10:34 am
asymptomatic from the president himself, he and the first lady are feeling fine so, you know, i really wouldn't go down that road yet. it's premature. stuart: greg jaret, we appreciate it, sir. >> my pleasure. stuart: i will check the big board, no panic here, down 200 points, let's see now. what do we have next? susan. susan: let's talk about the economy. that's pretty good larry kudlow interview. people were picking up on the fact that larry kudlow tested negative last night. he's been tested 85 to 86 times and he's talking about stimulus which i think is the reason why we are seeing recovery from the downside today. stuart: he suggested there's more likelihood we get something done. susan: 1.4, 1.5 and the democrats passed the 2.2 trillion package.
10:35 am
larry kudlow says the white house wants ppp and airline, extension for help for airlines and hot spots where people are layed off and can't find work. you also have secretary mnuchin speaking, testing negative this morning and not in quarantine as well and talking about stimulus. he says they're punching for aid when it comes to schools, child care, airlines, small businesses, his focus is on kids and job and says they will have strong quarter and the economy needs more help. he's pushing for more aid help. stuart: that's a good word, they are pushing for this, they want this and the idea that they would walk away in this circumstance with absolutely nothing like it's nothing or something, you've got to believe that you're going towards something. susan: well the job's report was the last one before the election. it was weak.
10:36 am
it was less than anticipated. jobless rates came down but i think it was a wake-up call in politics that the economy needs help and you need to help voters out as well. stuart: a push to stimulus program that's taken us from minus 600 to minus 200 as we speak. good stuff, susan, thank you very much. pretty soon white house chief of staff mark meadows will brief reporters following president trump's positive covid test. it's called a gaggle. mark meadows appears out of the white house, reporters surrounding him, they will keep social distance, that's for sure. he will answer the president's condition, the furtherance of government and when that happens if it's in the term of our show, you will see it, more varney after this.
10:37 am
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10:41 am
he's expected to brief reporters at any moment. he's going to come out of that door and address those reporters. he will take questions. we should learn a lot more about the president's condition. speaking of that, i want to bring in dr. matt mccarthy, infectious disease expert and who has been on the program for several times. doctor, various sources are telling us that the president is experiencing minor symptoms. what does that mean and what does it tell you about the president's condition? doctor: well, thanks for having me, stu, and i want to extend my well wishes to everyone at the white house that's dealing with this today. minor symptoms can be all kinds of things, it can be fatigue, cough, shortness of breath. the key here is to figure out what we can do to help him in this moment and to do that he needs to have a team around him that can ruthlessly evaluate the data and know exactly what treatments can help and what treatments can't help. if i got brought in today to the oval office, first thing i'd
10:42 am
say, has anyone reached out to regenoron or a cocktail antibody for him. it can reduce the amount of virus in the body and decrease the duration of symptoms. if somebody has reached out to them, what did they say and how we will move forward to get him through this period. stuart: okay, we don't really know where the president is going with this condition. we just don't know. look, he's in a vulnerable group. he's a heavy guy and he's 74. >> you know, absolutely. people love to talk about statistics with this virus, but i will tell you, i've treated hundreds of cases, this virus is unpredictable. anyone who tells you they know what's going to happen or anyone who tells you that, oh, he will probably be fine, i don't want that person making decisions for the president of the united states. the key here is to watch how things evolve over the next few days. we see patients all the time in his demographic that feel relatively well for a week and
10:43 am
then a week later they are in the hospital. that's not to say that's going to happen here. in fact, no one knows what's going to happen here but the key is to keep an eye on the vital signs and in particular the amount of oxygen that he has. so if his oxygen saturation start dropping, that should raise alarm bells that he needs to be headed to a more intensive monitoring system, and we've seen this with boris johnson, we have seen it with other world leaders and sometimes they end up hospitalized as precautionary measure. stuart: hold on for a second. i'msorry to interrupt. we understand he's going to address reporters and take questions and outline the president's precise condition. he's walking towards the microphones right now. we are going to take this in full. this is very important. let's listen. >> great job's report this morning, unemployment down below 8% and the economy continues to
10:44 am
be robust in its v-shape recovery and unfortunately that's not what everybody is focused on this morning. as all of you know, the president and the first lady tested positive for covid-19. they remain in good spirits, the president does have mild symptoms and as as we look to try to make sure that not only his health and safety and welfare is good, we continue to look at that for all of the american people. he continues to be not only in good spirits but very energetic. we've talked a number of times this morning. i got the 5 or 6 things that he had tasked me to do like i do every single morning, and he is certainly wanting to make sure that we stay engaged. i think the other thing that is
10:45 am
critically important, the doctors continue to monitor both his health and the health of the first lady, will continue to do that. they'll be glad to provide some updates later today as we look at this, but i think the -- the great thing about this president is -- is not only is he staying committed to -- to working very hard on behalf of the american people, his first question to me this morning was -- is, how -- how is the economy doing, how are the stimulus talks going on capitol hill, a number of us in the core team of the white house continue to get tested on a daily basis like we are -- like we have been. and as we look to that, we -- we are very excited about making sure that not only that the health and safety of the
10:46 am
president and the first lady is addressed, but certainly that we -- we address this -- this battle together as a nation together and the american people can rest assure that we have a president that is not only on the job, will remain on the job and i'm optimistic that he will have a very quick and speedy recovery. >> how would you describe his symptoms and is he taking hydroxychloroquine? >> well, i'm not going to get into any particular treatment that he may or may not have. he has mild symptoms as we look at that, the doctor will continue to provide expertise in the residence. he's in the residence now, and in true fashion, he's probably critiquing the way that i'm answering these questions, and i can tell you that a number of us
10:47 am
will be reporting back to him on -- on the task at hand. >> what day and time -- what day and time did you find out that hope hicks had tested positive and did you sit on it until after the president went out to his fundraiser in new jersey? >> actually as -- as we look at this, i'm not going to get into the tiktok, i can tell you in terms of hope hicks, we discovered that right as the marine 1 was taking off yesterday. we actually pulled some of the people that had been traveling and in close contact. the reason why it was reported out and just frankly is that we had already started the contact tracing prior to that event. as you know, last night even in -- in the early hours of this morning, the minute we got a confirmed test on the president, we felt like it was important to get the news out there at that time and so that's why we sent
10:48 am
out the tweet late -- late -- or actually early this morning. [inaudible conversations] >> you know -- >> why aren't you wearing a mask right now? >> yeah, obviously i've been tested and i'm more than 6 feet away and if there's a concern from a guidance standpoint, we have protocols in place and when -- when -- when -- early on, when we first started to tackle the covid-19 battle, we actually did two different things in the white house, a number of contingencies as we looked at not only additional testing but certainly mitigating the risk for -- for social distancing in private meetings and the like. but i think it goes to the broader question, is even with a
10:49 am
lot of the mitigating factors, jim, what you have is a virus that's contagious and that certainly continues to be regardless of whatever protocol we have, that -- that it has the ability to affect everybody as you know, the president -- we keep a pretty wide circle, all of you who have interacted with him know that. and even with the wide circle around the president we find that he's having to deal with this like so many millions of other americans and people around the world have had to do. i can tell you -- i can tell you that what we are doing is focusing on the therapeutics and the vaccines, continuing to do that, and that doesn't change. yeah. [inaudible conversations] >> go ahead. >> the officials on the flight on wednesday, kushner, steven miller was there, have they been tested? >> we have tested all of our
10:50 am
core staff and i can tell you that, you know, mr. kushner, mr. scavino, myself, a number of us have been tested, have come back with negative results, and yet, at the same time i fully expect that as this virus continues to go on, the people in the white house will certainly have a positive test result and we've got the mitigation plan in place to make sure that not only continues to move forward but the work of the american people continues to move forward. so even as -- as recent as this morning at little after 8:00 o'clock, the president was giving me a number of things to make sure that i get done and i'm sure that i will actually have those do-outs, have to be back to him later today. i've got to wrap.
10:51 am
[inaudible conversations] >> i'm not going to -- so i wanted to come out and give an update to all of you so -- show the courtesy of updates but any other specifics at this point -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: you heard there, that was the president's chief of staff mark meadows, telling reporters, answering some questions there, dr. mccarthy is with us. i know that you are watching that. mark meadows said the first couple are in good spirits, that the president shows mild symptoms, that he is energetic and that he remains on the job. to me that sounded like an attempt to reassure the public, what say you? doctor: absolutely, there's no reason to panic here but the next few days will be critical to see if all the mild symptoms have been moderate symptoms and if he needs to get a higher level of
10:52 am
oxygen, certainly no reason to panic thus far and the extraordinary thing about all of this is that we are coming up with new therapeutic and the treatment options for him today are fund lent my different than they were for patients even a few weeks ago. i have no doubt that he will get the best medical care possible. stuart: matt mccarthy, dr. mccarthy, we do appreciate it, sir. thank you very much, indeed. doctor: thank you. stuart: let's bring in will cain. do you think that this now makes the virus the top issue in the election? >> i do not, stu. i think this makes how we respond to the virus. stuart: good. >> on personal individual level
10:53 am
and the choices that we make, policy, economic, societal, how we respond to the virus is number 1 issue in the election. stu, if i may, the american people deserve the truth and straight talk when it comes to this virus and they so rarely get it even in listening to press conference with mark meadows. some of the questions were being asked with conclusion in mind, why aren't you wearing a mask right now, he's standing 6 feet apart from the press corp. the condition is being drawn that the president did not take virus seriously and they are operating from that script, asking those questions. the truth the american people need, the facts follow like this, i think the two most important today, stu, number 1 for people in president trump's age demographic, 94.6 recovery rate from covid. everyone else in the country below, it's above 99.5% and the second truth, and this is the
10:54 am
most important one is, what was the goal from the outset? i thought it was to bend the curve. we are operating now as though it's a 0% transmission rate. nobody wants anyone to get coronavirus. nobody wants the leaders of free world to get coronavirus, but we balance that risk against our responsibilities and the leader of the free world has some responsibilities. what more, it's impossible to get this to 0% transmission rate. absolutely impossible. so what this illustrates we have a contagious virus that no one is immune to, you can't bubble wrap yourself or mask yourself into complete protection and we as individuals have to balance that risk against our responsibilities as does the leader of the free world. stuart: yes, you're right, will, we all do. when i heard this news and i'm sure when you heard this news, it comes as a real shock, the president of the united states of america and the first lady have both tested positive for this virus. my immediate thought was, well,
10:55 am
this is going to make us all feel more cautious and be more cautious, because if the president can get it, we could all get it as if we were ever in doubt about that but this lays it on the line. i think more caution is probable, what say you? >> i think if you are, stu, currently figuring out every individual american's risk rewarded analysis, you're right. it would show that most protected individuals in terms of daily testing and essentially a bubble of environment around him where everyone is tested and everyone is asked to keep 6 feet social-distance requirement can get coronavirus, then all of us have to accept that's our risk in going at our responsibilities as well. i think you're right, it can make us all recalculate individually but i shouldn't cause us to let fear drive the day, let facts and truth drive the day while we make the decisions. stuart: you're going to be on the air at 6:00 o'clock eastern time tomorrow morning hosting
10:56 am
weekend "fox & friends". i think you are going to have a very full show with happenings constantly throughout your 4 hours and i, sir, will be watching. thanks for being on the show this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. stuart: the markets have come back, down 600 right after the announcement, down 186 as of right now. the market has improved and susan has been heavy on this that there's more hope that there's a stimulus will go through and larry kudlow implied and the market is down 174 and we will be right
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> i think the presidents prognosis is very good right now, he will continue to get aggressively tested every single day and when he gets to a point where he said to negative test that are 24 hours apart, he can conceivably go back to his normal routine that can be less than ten days. >> the president is on the phone, he sounds good, he's a very strong man and so is the first lady, we wish them the best and we give them our prayer. >> our instinct that we saw last night's dippy neck and sell in the president is very involved in the economy, everything from tiktok, tariffs and more stimulus, it is in panic just
11:01 am
yet. >> what we hope is a speedy recovery might underline his general point which he cannot cure the disease. >> you cannot stop a virus, i felt from the very beginning that we need to learn to live with this. stuart: there you go, quite a show so far, it is now 11:00 o'clock, 11:01 a.m. eastern time and we have more to add to the story of the presidents positive coping test. the positive result came thursday and since the incubation period for the virus is 5 - 7 days, we have to check back on the presidents activities since last thursday, last thursday a rally in jacksonville, florida, a rally in newport news and friday, the news of judge barry on saturday in a news conference and another one in new jersey on sunday.
11:02 am
another news conference again and the rose garden, that was at the rose garden in a debate tuesday night, minnesota on wednesday and all let up, and a very long contact list. the risk is some of the senior officials who came close to the president will test positive and need to go into quarantine as this disrupt government functions. we have to tell you vice president pence and second lady karen pence have tested negative, secretary of state pompeo negative, treasury secretary mnuchin, negative and he will not be going into quarantine. larry kudlow honor program an hour ago, negative. mark meadows, chief of staff, negative, that's a testing format we have for us so far. back to the market, down 177 points for the dow and the nasdaq down 123. let's bring in our guest on the market brian belsky, why has the market comeback, we were down
11:03 am
600 now we are down 178, your explanation. >> it speaks to the momentum late market that we are in quite frankly in the short termism quote unquote that we are in reacting to every single bullet point and people forget september is the worst month of the year statistically for the market and that's what we had so much volatility, september given how strong the market has been in july and august, again not surprising as were tick by tick, hour by hour reacting to the president of the united states. stuart: we had larry kudlow on the show 15 minutes ago and he was saying we need some aspects of the new stimulus plan, we do have the positive test for the president and some feel that will add emphasis forgetting some kind of stimulus plan through. that may be one of the reasons why the market has come back a bit, let's say you to that.
11:04 am
>> we would agree to that, the market need some confidence and clearly stock prices in the world quite frankly need some stability in a government perspective and you've done a great job in terms of laying all that out and how government works but from a credibility inconsistency standpoint and only increases the odds that we get a stimulus package especially given what we see in the last several hours with respect to the president in the news, we were inching toward that anyway and this is a sign that we can hopefully in our country break apart from the bipartisan type behavior and get something done. stuart: i think the severity of the presidents condition has a lot to do with the election, i think the long-term prospects here, that is a very important point for the market, if i'm a long-term investor joy have anything to worry about? >> we don't think you do, we have a 20 year bull market call
11:05 am
and we don't think politics, actually we think politics is taking way too much of a front seat and respect to investors viewpoints, it takes time to get new policies in and i think investors should not be reacting to political policies or what could happen if we have any president or not, from a longer-term perspective we think the economy and stock market remains very strong and we would stay long. stuart: stay long, stay bullish, used to call you the bullish ryan belsky, but i guess that has not changed, he is still with us and still bullish for 2021, good stuff, thank you very much indeed, we will see you later. look who is next, steve hilton, host of the fox news channel, always an original guy, first of all you spent a lot of time in britain's prime minister's residence in london, you were there, i don't think you were there when boris johnson got the
11:06 am
virus and he had to go to a hospital and ended up in the icu and he transferred power to his second-in-command, i'm not suggesting that anything similar would happen in the united states but that was a dramatic event surrounded the british leader in the virus just a couple of months ago. >> it was and it still going on with the boris johnson situation hopefully different from what we see from president trump's, what you see there is the fact that he turned out not to be so resilient in the concern in the uk is that the prime minister, even though he is now completely in control, not at all suffering symptoms in terms of the immediate effects of the virus but the long-term effects of the virus are affecting him according to those around him, is widely discussed in british
11:07 am
political circles and even talk of him being replaced as prime minister because he is simply not on top of the job, making mistake after mistake, not handling the situation while still suffering from the aftereffects of his illness, that's what they say in the uk, let's turn to america, i would like to claim the bullish steve hilton if i may, i see a much more optimistic scenario then some have been talking about this morning after we had the news which is this, given present every day, think about what he's been there and given the fact that he'll have the best medical care in the world and most important giving the data, were always told to look at the date of the overwhelming probability based on the data is that the president and the first lady make a strong and quick recovery because that's what happens to most people who get this, even those in the higher risk category, must make a quick recovery, even though today were asking questions like will this
11:08 am
hurt him in the election because it will put coronavirus at the top of the news agenda and someone, here's another way of looking at it by making a quick recovery, he himself will be a metaphor for the recovery of the country, we can get through this and we can come back in the election is still 30 days away and there is time for the story to radically change in the president's favor even after the news we saw last night. stuart: am i right in saying that when boris johnson came down with it the british rallied around their leader and he got what might be called the sympathy vote, that could happen here, do you think? >> i think it could but given that we already have seen on other cable news channels and on social media as well revolting ghoulish reaction to this, read pundit, people like carl bernstein who i saw last night who is considered to be one of
11:09 am
the greatest journalist in american history, reveling in this news, seeing it as a payback for the presidents policies even though i have set out constantly on my show if you look at what the president did, the actions that he took, he took his here's a right from the start given that you are seeing those reactions i've been retreating, our market is down and the things that people are saying i don't expect any kind of sympathy for the president or the first lady sadly given the way that the antitrust media has constantly have a hatred against him for the last three or four years, i don't see that changing even though he's got this today but i don't think he cares about that, i think he wants to get back to working is incredibly resilient and i think you can see this turnaround in the next couple of weeks in a quite interesting direction, we do not know that i'm just basing that on the data, all these people tell us to listen to the data.
11:10 am
stuart: state hilto entered stee hilton we will see you sunday. thank you. the dow is now down 150, that is quite a comeback, susan has been digging away, she pounced of going higher. susan: president trump positive test brings to reality that coronavirus, were not done with it just yet. take a look at the work from home winners, the stay at home winners, zoom is in the every day language, we are up close to 4% at one point and i saw zoom at 6% and a session in peloton trading 109 up 4% today our producer just got that, doc you sign, telemedicine, spike during covid, these lockdown winners are backup, once again there might be a second wave as we head into the colder winter months. stuart: before you get into the job thing, it occurs to me that this is kind of our theme, if
11:11 am
people become more cautious because the president has got it, we become more cautious and maybe people stay at home more, maybe that is helping the stay-at-home stock, maybe so. susan: it is. as i mentioned, today is a day where bad news is good news and that might push the senate to take up a vote on some stimulus plan, maybe not 2.2 trillion which is what the democrats passed last night but something in the realm of 600 billion republicans tried to pass the first time around, i think that is pricing in right now, do you want to bet that the markets within striking distance will actually turn positive by the end of today. stuart: i think if you got real positive news on the likelihood of a stimulus package being accepted at some sort of level, whatever level, anything positive on that you could well be right, you could see that market close higher. susan: that would be
11:12 am
extraordinary on a friday to in the week. usually when you have investors taking money off the table on a weekend because they don't want to hold money when you can't trade on weekend days. stuart: absolutely, you take quite a risk with a situation like this, good stuff. i have this breaking right now, we have learned that attorney general william barr has tested negative for the virus, he was last for the president in the same room on saturday. let me give you a quick list, treasury secretary mnuchin, negative, larry kudlow, negative, chief of staff mark meadows, negative, the preside president. susan: jared kushner, ivanka trump, negative bearing, the son, negative. stuart: a long list of negatives but we do have one positive and that is ronna mcdaniel who is chair of the rnc, she has tested positive but she is not part of the administration she's part of the campaign. there are reports that the trump
11:13 am
campaign is telling some staffers who came in contact with hope hicks that they should go into quarantines immediately, that report coming from cbs and that is interesting news on the campaign and the staffers. susan: what does that mean, is that a downshift for trump's campaign with 32 days left to vote, is that a negative. stuart: the florida trip today canceled, some staff are standing down, this is negative for the campaign. the market is down 161 and the news coming thick and fast and we are not done yet, charles payne, joe concha, live report from the white house, all on deck after this, third hour of varney. my mom has super powers. my mom has super powers. it's like she can see the future. what?! it's like she time travels in a rocket ship. that's cool! and then she comes back saying "try this" or "try that." she helps everyone.
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stuart: let's put this on the screen, melania and trump tweeting this, thank you for the love you are sending our way, i have mild symptoms but overall feeling good, i'm looking forward to a speedy recovery, melania and trump, first lady out without, let's bring in lauren, you've got news on what the politicians are saying, can't wait for that. lauren: they are wishing first lady and the president of speedy recovery let's start with mike pence, karen and i send our love and prayers to our dear friends the trump's, we join millions across america for a full and swift recovery, god bless you president trump in our wonderful first lady melania. and now we have a message from the senator from arizona market under martha mcsally praying for us with recovery for the president first lady, tulsi gabbard branford president on the democratic ticket rights very nice, my husband abraham and i offer our best wishes and
11:19 am
a low hot to the president and first lady praying for a speedy recovery, she also wishes well to ivanka, tiffany, don jr., eric and bearing during the difficult time and i do want to point out i've anke and barron have tested negative for coronavirus and castro the democratic countryman from texa, he brings in politics, he says it president trump test positive for covid the white house needs to be honest with the american people, it is not just a matter of the president's personal health, it is a matter of national security, the virus has claimed over 200,000 american lives in six months. so 32 days before an election, that is your political and your human talking point, this is october surprise, does the rhetoric around the campaign change here? stuart: nasty stuff on some networks and certainly on social media and it's really nasty.
11:20 am
lauren: were not doing that. stuart: we do not do that here. thank you very much indeed, congressman greg murphy, republican north carolina, you are also a doctor, i want to run through some of the things that have been said about the president's condition, mark meadows says the president is in good spirits, has mild symptoms and energetic, the first lady just said good spirits, i don't think she said mild symptoms but she said not seriously ill, put it like that. my point to whidbey we simply do not know how severe his condition could get for our president, at this stage you just don't know. >> that is correct, everybody as we seen over the last several months i wide range of symptoms, most of individuals are mainly symptomatic, we have to see how his infection develops and i know is getting the best care and attended to himself right now. stuart: he treated himself, he
11:21 am
took hydroxychloroquine, he took that a few month ago, the current treatment favored by many as remdesivir, is that we you think he's going to be taking, remdesivir. >> i imagine he is taking that, i cannot speculate on his particular medical condition. i do know it is been scientifically proven that helps people speed the recovery especially in the hospital settings. he will do all the right things and treat this seriously as we all should and we offer him a speedy recovery. stuart: i believe the administration is scrambling to contact all those people who came into contact with hope hicks who may have transmitted it to the president, we don't know that for sure but she did fall ill on air force one and put off in a corner, the contact list, all the people in the presence of the president go back a week, that's in a more mostly long contact list and if
11:22 am
anybody of them are found to have the virus, they are all in quarantine. that's a big deal. >> it is but that's not anything germane just specifically to the president, we've been doing contact tracing and trying to isolate people who have been exposed to somebody for the virus and that's the right thing to do, again, the president of the united states of course but that's how we isolate decreases bread of covid-19. stuart: how do you see this going doctor, i know you're in the blind here but how do you see this going. >> i think it is terribly cruel and it shows the poor misguided souls in the country who have taken the social media and tried to attack the president because of this, especially his health, that is uncalled for and i think if we look at the overall thing of things, i think he will recover and do fine, that's the normal course of this disease and obviously people that get sick in the hospital and some
11:23 am
people still perish from the disease, we have to take it day by day and treat the president like we would any other patient and try to get him the best healthcare possible be when the quarantine. which we hear about is 14 days, 14 days from now is october the 15th and that would be close to october the 15th which is the second debate, are we looking at a 14 day quarantine. >> a lot of it goes to see what his viral load is and how much he test positive, they will do repeated test as his condition progresses but i think in two weeks hopefully, no one can predict this, hopefully he will be up in about and able to debate this time and possibly let joe biden speak a little bit more and let him tighten his own news. stuart: congressman, doctor thank you for being with us, we appreciate it. >> god bless indeed. the dow industrials are down 125
11:24 am
points, i'm in a call that something of a comeback, how about google, the president's illness i believe, susan you confirmed this, a huge spike in searches. susan: what is a 25th amendment, that's what people are looking for, given president trump has tested positive, is incapacitated for any particular reason vice president mike pence would have to take over, and topic three times in recent history once during reagan and twice during george w, google searches dublin for the 20th amendment after the news broke last night at 1:00 a.m. after the covid test and they are quadruple in this morning at 7:00 a.m. when most people started waking up to the news and in the bedding marchesa mike pence his chances of becoming president a spike this morning in the bedding markets along with joe biden's chances to take the vote and there will be reduced campaigning for president trump and at one point i saw a 25-point lead for biden
11:25 am
which is much higher than the 7 - 10 average, if you look at the market and judge the market we saw 400 - 500. swing to the upside, we turned it down 500 points and now for the dow were close to breaking into positive territory. stuart: were down 135 but hopes. susan: were half 8% down. stuart: we have this coming at us, wilbur ross has tested negative for covid-19, there is a long list of senior officials who have tested negative as this morning. still the come charles payne will join us on the market's reaction to the virus news and we have a live report from washington, d.c. coming up, all of that coming up for you. stock slices. for as little as $5, now anyone can own companies in the s&p 500,
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stuart: president trump is in quarantine, he's in the white house residence, not the oval office, 32 days to the election, fox news richard, close to the white house, rich, thank you for joining us, the president has a packed schedule but the immediate schedule, has been canceled. >> it has, the president's campaign, they love having person events, they love having him a half would hit true
11:30 am
housing contract and joe biden and his campaign, the president was supposed to be in florida later today, that has been canceled and tomorrow he was supposed to do to events in wisconsin, one in janesville, one in green bay and he will not go out sometime why he's quarantining but i'm sure the campaign is looking at other ways they can engage as voters but a lot of this can depend on how the president is feeling and the white house as he has mild symptoms but we don't have the specifics on how exactly he's feeling, what is he up to, how he is going to be feeling tomorrow or the day after that, how long it'll take them to get over this, this is all playing into a campaign coming up, a voting coming up, voting that is happening and all the campaign events that were supposed to be happening in our all thrown in limbo and all thrown off. then there is the perception on all of this, democrats really want to be talking about coronavirus and healthcare, this
11:31 am
push that back into the spotlight as part of this comp a lot of uncertainty now when it comes to the president's campaign, how he's going to engage with voters and keep the momentum up and also how he will deal with this issue. you have that at the white house level, the government level and how the u.s. and the administration is running the country but on top of the all the campaign uncertainty as millions of americans are milling in their ballot, going to vote early in a very unique election year, as you mentioned an election that is less than 32 days away but really already started with people voting. stuart: rich, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it as always, check the market we have come back, not holy but were back 147 points. susan: we saw a typical knee-jerk reaction with unknowns in the market and uncertainty but president trump's positive
11:32 am
covid result as a reality we might see a second wave of covid, this is hitting the travel stocks and we have taken a look at the airlines first of all, they are getting hammered today all the recovering from the 4 - 5% that we saw earlier on in the session and this morning we have larry kudlow on the program talking about more health and stimulus for the airlines in particular and we heard from steven mnuchin the treasury secretary and maybe we will get some pass-through which might be help for the airline stocks. stuart: that is a positive when you get help through stimulus, the airlines are going to do okay, you are right they were down for a 5% and now they're down 2% or less, that is not about performance, susan earlier was suggesting, there is a chance that this market will in the day, this friday higher, it's a slim chance. lauren: i bet you a lunch for that, i'm a positive person i think people might look ahead and think we get a rally by the way with years and in october
11:33 am
usually recover 70% of the time after dismal and horrific september which is what we got. stuart: two points over weekend you never know what's going to come out of the white house and the president's actual condition. you do not know how that is going to be, do you want to hold stocks when there's not uncertainty, secondly, you don't know how the polls are going to go on this, are they going to swing to president trump is a sympathy or swing towards vice president biden, we don't know, i'm not so sure i want to own stock over the weekend but only time will tell. susan: do you want to look at big tech quickly. stuart: now we have to go, we have the producers in our ear. joe concha is with us next on the media's reaction to the president's illness, don't go away we have a full show still to come
11:34 am
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11:38 am
on the market, down 167 on the dow industrial, down 179 on the nasdaq, that means the technology stocks are taken on the chin, charles payne, host of "making money with charles payne" is with us now, it seems that the overhang for the market, what is going to learn in the near near future is the president's actual condition, how serious is his condition and how badly is a virus attacking him, that is something that we just do not know. >> absolutely right, we have the trump daily healthwatch to the daily stimulus watch to the daily election watch to the daily economy watch, there is a whole lot of things and a whole lot of uncertainty and a lot of things we do not know, although we can lean toward and we had guests come on talking about survival rates and things like that, the messaging from the
11:39 am
white house on a day-to-day basis is going to be extraordinarily important, these are just more? that we have to deal with right now. stuart: in your judgment do voters lean towards more president trump with this maybe with a sympathy vote or do they lean towards joe biden who has been big on the virus and healthcare and those are his subjects. >> i think president trump surviving comes out in a couple of things one of his greatest hallmarks, he is a fighter that is natural instincts are to fight, he is a new yorker, when you punch him, he punches you back and sometimes he does not stop, that can be a double edge sword, for people who really are energized and inspired by president trump, him coming out of this will put some when in his cells, it also points to the fact that we have to live with the virus, there is no way you can get around a per se and we
11:40 am
take all the precautions that we can and we don't need to compound the dangers of the virus with the continued trick honey and shutdowns that led disney to lay off 28000 people mostly in california this week. stuart: if you're a long-term investor, do you have anything to be worried about at this point. >> i'm still very optimistic, one of the things that we talked about the market coming back a little bit, at 10:00 o'clock you had the most recent consumer sentiment report a blue way expectation that we sparked in the height of the session had to come at 10:08 a.m., i'm really optimistic about where we are going and again, i've said this for over a month, maybe two, we need a little bit of a nudge from a stimulus package one and a half trillion dollars on what we built in the country in the
11:41 am
momentum that we have and i feel very good about the stock market in 2021. stuart: if we got positive news on the stimulus today i'm inclined to agree with susan that you might see the market close higher, where are you on this. >> you are going to go susan lunch. susan: fantastic. stuart: you been watching the show, well done. thank you for springing into action, have one last question if you don't mind me asking, when you found out that the president has tested positive, what is the first thing that ran through your mind? >> the very first thing, the first thing that ran through my mind, i hope he beats it, i've been fortunate enough to speak with the president, i met the president, i don't think he's the person that many people portray him to be, some of that is his fault and i hope he and his wife beating. stuart: the first thing i
11:42 am
thought was my goodness what could possibly happen in this incredible year 2020. just amazing. thank you very much, we will see you again soon. stuart: the media, they are reacting to president trump's positive virus test, i have headlines, the washington post, but for testing positive for coronavirus, trump scoffed at many health guidelines, that the negative, and pr, how trump has downplayed the coronavirus epidemic or pandemic, media watcher joe concha is with us, that is all negative stuff, it all implies that the president brought it on himself because he downplayed the virus and would not wear a mask, it's across the board. >> it's what i'm seen as well on my end, lumina cnn anchor asked if this is a moment of reckoning for the president, yes, this is
11:43 am
real it is not a hoax and does not care if your democrat or republican, every fact check has shown that the president was talking about democrats politicizing the virus, he did not think it was a hoax, you don't shut down travel from china and europe if you think something is a hoax, that really got me, senator chris murphy just before said if president trump cannot be on the campaign trail he will have to rely on surrogates in one of those is vladimir putin, we should have bob mueller look into the russian collusion for two and half years. stuart: the senator said that on television. >> you would think the anchor would've pushed back, the obama administration of course not a nod on the head and kept going, you have another former obama administration person on cnn saying this may be the most dangerous moment the government has ever faced, the united states government as the cuban
11:44 am
missile crisis or 9/11 was not bigger than a president suffering for mild symptoms over a virus to every medical expert says he's probably going to get over, this was a hyperbole and reckless commentary that we are seeing and i would love to say surprising but it's kind of expected at this point. stuart: it might have a counteraction and it creates some sympathy for the president of the united states, after all your media pundits being so vicious towards the man at this particular time, there is a lot of americans who will say i do not like that, i support the man, i want to see him get better, i think they will be involved. >> even people who don't like the president i'm sure are wishing him well because you want to see the country do well ultimately. i will make this quick i reached out to the president debates, he had no comment on what happens on october 15 in terms of the town hall debate, that's what people in the room with the president and joe biden if that will go forward on that particular day, stay tuned on
11:45 am
that that's a big deal since the president may have to quarantine past the point when that debate is supposed to happen 13 days from now. stuart: we also their best wishes to the president and the first lady for a speedy recovery, we are feeling for you. joe concha thank you for being with us. do not go anywhere, we will light up a little in a moment, we will walk away from the dreadful news stories of the day, we will lighten up, friday feedback is next. ♪ so you're a small business,
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♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ sixth avenue right outside her window here in the studio in new york city, to date is a very important newsday, a very serious newsday but i will tell you we are going to make time for friday feedback, we will be a little lighter so susan and lauren, welcome back, i'm going to start with a video message from rick, roll tape. >> every morning when stuart is gone with the company, i am here
11:50 am
in my gym with my treadmill and stewart in the team i listen to the show, i get my workout into start my day here on the west coast, my only ask would be when this show starts friday on the day it would great to see a month, quarter in a year, think you guys are doing a super job, you really make a difference. stuart: thank you rick, that was a great tape but i'm not real keen on charts, it's a bit technical for a guy like me but maybe susan. susan: is taken between half years to do percentages besides $4.25 on amazon or microsoft. stuart: rick remember this you may get your chance because susan is right, next one comes from jack and is coming to us on twitter, i went through my local wendy's drive-through and tried to order the varney after pretty
11:51 am
heavy confusion in a pilot cars behind me and eventually having to specify bacon, jalapeno, cheeseburger i did receive my order. make it happen hundred wendy's. the varney, well done, this is good value, how much does it cost you know susan. susan: $8. stuart: lauren how much does it cost. lauren: individual or a meal. stuart: individual just a sandwich. lauren: $6.59, $7.1. stuart: you're right, price is right you would've lost. lauren: you are asking how many calories so i was to get 800. stuart: at $7.1, when i get tomorrow i will count the calories, this is coming to us.
11:52 am
lauren: that gentleman to the videotape disorder would've loved to see the reaction from the drive through. stuart: i did videotape myself ordering my bacon jalapeno cheeseburger last saturday and our producers have the tape but i forbid them to run it. lauren: let's try mobile ordering. >> jerry says this we noticed varney and the team are consistently focused and bubbly but none of you ever have bad stressful grumpy days? and if so, how can you tell, for example does susan ever get grumpy. lauren: what idaho my morning coffee i get very grumpy. stuart: dry ever get grumpy ask lauren. lauren: susan young not seen it yet? susan: he gets over it really fast. stuart: i do get upset sometimes and you probably see it on my face occasionally when i'm not
11:53 am
smiling but i have a very fast recovery time, honestly, next you are interrupting me. the next one is from jim, he says this longtime watcher with a note for lauren, she is one of the most beautiful speaking voices in media, she should do audiobooks, what do you think lauren, new side gig? lauren: i appreciate the compliment and has anyone heard me saying, nothing like my speaking voice, i'm completely tone deaf, i begged for singing lessons when i was a child it was so bad might parents did not want to hear me practice. stuart: i for one say you have a wonderful speaking voice, you really do. what is the word. lauren: i want to hear lauren singing. lauren: it is so bad i cannot. susan: were gonna karaoke. stuart: you open the floodgates i have this coming to us from mary jo on facebook, i love the
11:54 am
store you began to tell about delivering milk, i wish you would've said more, that is me, when i was a young teenager 14 or 15 years old i got a job at the local dairy of delivering milk, we used to go out early in the morning with an electric truck, this was 55 years ago, nearly 60 years ago, advanced, for the time it was, we would deliver milk we had a delivery route and in those days almost everybody in britain got it delivered fresh to the doorsteps, that's what i did for a summer job and as i recall i earned about ten or $15 a week. susan: they took the average wage per our down. stuart: that was me back then and it was a wonderful time and it was in england, 55 - 60 yea years. lauren: i wish we had a picture. stuart: we don't, this is from
11:55 am
pauline in oregon, my husband is retired and gets up and turns the tv onto your show and makes a cup of coffee, colleen also told us it is his birthday next week, all together now, happy birthday bart. a slight delay because lauren is on remote but bart, happy birthday to you. lauren: i might sing happy birthday. [laughter] happy birthday to you. stuart: okay stop, thank you to everybody, keep sending the stuff in, we will do friday the back next week. more varney after this.
11:56 am
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11:59 am
stuart: this is just coming at us, the republican senator from utah, mike lee has tested positive for covid-19, lee was at the white house on saturday and met with amy coney barrett on tuesday, on wednesday he was in the senate committee hearing with james comey, senator lee has tested positive and he's had a lot of contact with other senators and with judge amy coney barrett.
12:00 pm
the whole story here today is the president testing positive in the market reaction, i will tell you that the market reacted negatively, down 600 to start with and now we are down to 75, a huge drop for the tech stocks in the nasdaq down to 37, my time is up completely, neil cavuto it is yours. neil: thank you very, very much. for the next couple of hours we will keep a very close eye on the market, you know the drill, when they are volatile we will be going through everything and anything whether if they have anything to do with the guess that we are chatting, as stuart has pointed out the selloff although it was a lot worse a lot earlier, we want to update you, not only the president's condition but we will update you on those as they continue to look around the universe when the president and the first lady came in contact, this is what we can tell you the people who have been testing positive for the


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